About us

The guideline activity of Autoterm LLC is designing and manufacturing devices „AIR“ and „FLOW“ which provide fail-safe vehicles operation under low ambient temperatures as low as -50C°.

Planar Trading Company is responsible for the promotion of these products.

Currently Planar Trading Company offers the following products:

-„FLOW 14“ starting autonomous liquid pre-heaters, meant for wheeled tractors and other vehicles working on diesel fuel; „FLOW 5“ starting autonomous pre-heaters,meant for cars and commercial vehicles working on diesel or petrol fuel.

- „AIR“ hot-air heaters,meant for heating the driver’s place as well as varios limited compartments of the vehicle.

The devices offered by Planar  have all the necessary official certificates that prove the high quality and reliability of these products.    

Starting autonomous pre-heaters „FLOW“ and hot-air heaters „AIR“ will provide komfort, warmth and safety for you and your vehicle under conditions of winter.

The products manufactured by Autoterm LLC are based on its own scientific and technical original design. In particular, combustion chambers realized in devices „AIR“ and „FLOW“ are protected by 15 patents.

Autoterm LLC guarantees the normal operation of the devices for 24months since the date of sale provided that the user follows the operating rules,transportation rules and storage rules foreseen by Users Manual.  



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