Teplostar 14ts12v(mini) View larger

Water-heater 12V Teplostar 14ts-12v (mini)


Control panel

Nominal supply voltage, V


24 V


diesel fuel

Heat carrier

antifreeze agent

Heat productivity, kW


12 (full duty)

15 (full duty)

9 (medium duty)

9 (medium duty)

4 (low duty)

4 (low duty)

Fuel consumption, l/h (gal/h)



1,4 (full duty)

2,0 (full duty)

1 ,2 (medium duty)

1 ,2 (medium duty)

0,54 (low duty)

0,54(low duty)

Power consumption, W


110 (full duty)

132 (full duty)

100 (medium duty)

101 (medium duty)

77 (low duty)

77(low duty)

47 (cooling down)

47 (cooling down)

Start up and switch off mode


Pre-heater mass in full

configuration, kg (lb)

10 (22)

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Availability date: 07/17/2024

710,74 €

More info

The heater Teplostar is designed for heating of liquids and can be used for the purposes below:

-        For heating the engines of trucks and buses

-        For heating the floors (ex. trailers, caravans)

-        For heating the air indoors with the help of radiators.

The kit is meant for wheeled tractors and other vehicles with the engine working on diesel fuel,the engine displacement up to 11l.. The construction of the pre-heater and ist technical characteristics allow to be used in the majority of heavy truck produced by Russian and foreign car plants. The test showed that the pre-heater 14TC installed on Kamaz truck heated the cooling agent (tosol) during 17-20 min at ambient temperature -38°C